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You have the right to choose!

Car Tech Auto Glass wants you to know that in Seattle and the state of Washington you have the RIGHT to choose any auto glass shop to repair or replace your auto glass.

You may be told by your insurance company that a certain shop is not "approved" or that the shop has not been "qualified." You may also be told that if you choose your own auto glass service shop, you will be responsible for the balance of your invoice unless you "choose" one of their shops.


The above scenario is an example of a practice called "steering" — insurance companies will try to steer their customers to certain shops. The reality is these insurance companies have purchased or invested in these specific repair shops in order to provide an increased level of service to their customers. However, these companies also oversee the distribution of claim work to all the auto glass shops in the area. When they tell you a shop is not "approved," they are simply trying to steer you towards a shop that is "approved" — one of their shops.


The installers at Car Tech Auto Glass are all trained AND certified safe auto glass installers in the state of Washington.

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